Friday, July 22

old news subway shoes and DANCE!

when i think about the news, generally i think back to a part of the movie no such thing, where terrorism dominates everyday life, cities are being sold to major corporations, and the best thing about our existence is the urge to disappear. "then there's always the middle east of course." demolition experts aren't afraid of anything though, right, so maybe i am in the wrong business. rampant terrorism makes me think that the best thing to do would be to disappear into a city, where everyday life was equally passe to the acts of violence that happen in the rest of the world.
but that isn't even how it is in new york. where is all the desolation of a dystopic cityscape?
are the subways dangerous? lets think stats, man. i like to think of my probabilities statistically.
for instance, i have been smoking tobacco for 10 years. i jaywalk. i drive without a seatbelt occasionally. i speed. i drink alot. where's my tab? because the sooner i know, the sooner i am going to secure my life gem. then of course i can recite the ever famous

"i want my money back."

so what's so bad anyway?


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