Wednesday, March 15

when he returned he smelled of elderberries

it's FINALLY the Ides of March....

today i edited an eleven year old's persuasive essay, on the book 'The Captive.' It was kind of hard because the essay needed a LOT of work, but i am unsure as to the standards applied to eleven year old's... what is expected of him?! the younger brother has taken to giving me random hugs, and right after he hugs me he always hugs lola, the cat, too.

i watched t.v. while i was on the elliptical machine today, and was super startled to witness a 'V for Vendetta' commercial with CAT POWER as the soundtrack, and her cover of the velvet underground song, no less! what's going on. incidentally, i have a copy of the comic book if anyone wants to borrow it to read before they see the movie.

i had accupuncture this morning and my doctor put needles in my face, in a new place! she put them next to my nose, JUST like cat whiskers (well, she said that's what they were like. i couldn't see myself). she did this to help my sinuses because i woke up with a cold. i opened my eyes during the resting time when she leaves and all the needles just chill out in you, and i could see them in my peripheral vision, just like a cat would. it seems to me it would be distracting to always have your own whiskers showing to the corner of your eye, right?

she also put some in my lower back, near the spine, and they just popped right out, and she said it's because i must be strengthening my lower back a lot now that i go to the gym. actually, what she said first was 'woah, you're strong, they just popped out,' and i was like 'excuse me, what!'

she gave me even mopre herbal/chinese medicine pills to take, on top of all the ones from before. i have never taken so many pills in my life!!! soon i won't even have to eat!
she gave me a hug after the session. she took all my pulses from my wrists and said she can feel my kidneys stregthening. i hope so! i go to this doctor with an open mind, but i have no idea - yet - how to ascertain what is effected by the needles/pills, and what isn't. it's like magic. i guess i believe in that, too. but it's hard to prove when it happens. there were phases i went though last year where i was trying all these spells and magic wishes.

it's like magic, which is hard to prove. there were phases i went though last year where i was trying all these spells and magic wishes.

sorry if this minutae and rambling is esoteric to our reader(s)! i just thought there should be a post on the ides.



Anonymous ross stephens said...

i heard your acupuncturist hugged lola the cat too after you left.

those Schaumburgers are inspirational, right? it's like a saved by the bell/90210/CSI/doogie howser/yearbook signing mashup:


thanks for the post (and also the female riot police!).

4:10 PM  

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