Saturday, April 15

head over heels

go get her... it's your house!!!

yesterday i went hiking in the catskills.
(veiled apology at blogging lapse)
there were many bizarre and mindBloggeling occurrances:

we happened upon a quietly raging FOREST FIRE at the trailHead we wanted to hike

saw two very vertical waterfalls and had trouble with impulse control that was downright chilling (i.e. "but what if i just jumped in the stream and let nature take it's course?!?!?")

ate off a fistSized ball of chocolate, beaverstyle, leaving teethTrails

had acid/endorphin hallucination about expanding pickUp truck, as usual after an intenseHike.

got a honking blister, on just one heel ?!?!

AHhhhh liz'z''z' sticking needles in her eardrums!
i will humor your hexes, your aristocratic wizard voice belongs in a bookOnTape, my army is vanquished, smooshed in it's infant stage by eager fiddleHead smooshing fingerTips!!!


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