Monday, July 25

days of hunter

something about the desperate timbre of your voice triggered my kill instinct. you shouted kill, and like the huntress artemis, i felt the spirit awaken in me: "kill! KILL IT!" and the long spearlike scrap of wood came down like a javelin; it was rent asunder from that one first stroke.


asunder we thought. calm came over us like a blanket of winter flurry, but like the storms of a sleepy midwestern town, the end was n'er near. did the legs twitch? another look confirmed that despite par body severage, our hero was still kicking.

perhaps greater measures were to be taken; perhaps greater artilery should be utilized to defeat the monster. but no. we are pure of heart and mind. we will use the technology of our anscestors.

a giant waterbug with a speed unmatched i vanquished it


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