Wednesday, November 30

winter time woes and apricot hose

is it really that time yet? i can't tell becuase i have been out of touch with the coldness for a while. is it time to be sad during the bleak months of winter already?
wait a second.

will this advertisement for a japanese toilet cheer us up?
what about all these nice songs that i have been listening to lately?

you've made me so very happy - david axelrod and lou rawls
disco ball - young cash [they say they had another blackout in new york and he need us to come down and smile, immediately]

backstabbers - mark morrison feat. daz [what it is? i thought you was down to the end]
will you still love me tomorrow - the shirelles
everybody here wants you - jeff buckley
vienna - ultravox [this means nothing to me]
[what a waste of] army dreamers - kate bush
no child of mine - pj harvey [i have no time for hate or love]
the edge - david axelrod and david mccallum
you come through - pj harvey
[but you] don't want to see me - mac mall
california nights [with the breeze blowing in]- leslie gore

the window - the flying lizards
falling - julie cruise [don't let yourself be hurt this time]
lover, you should have come over - jeff buckley
didn't i - dorando
you took the words right out of my mouth - meatloaf [on a hot Summer night]
paper roses [oh how real those roses seem to be] - loretta lynn
rose hip november - vashti bunyan [catch one leaf and fortune will surrender ever more]
the shadow knows - david axelrod
mojo pin - jeff buckley [black beauty i love you so]

i guess it's ok to be sad in the winter, as long as you pick the right tunes to nurse you along. my old time favorites are leonard cohen and tom waits' small change album (in my mind this is what christmas music sounds like). oh, and one year, the de la soul aoi bionics album sounded like christmas to me. but. it's definately not winter yet, so i'm going to be having none of that for a while.

suggested reading for the winter time blues: banana yoshimoto- alseep. although this book has no aparent cheering effect, it seems to have the correct atmosphere, which is a highly significant aspect of enhancing any mood. why not feel properly sad?


Blogger 893 said...

Pretty good list... but if ur listenin to a Buckley, you know 9/10 times it's gotta be _Tim_, right? "Lorca"?

Thanks very much for putting that Princess Kitty inside Paul Wall's mouth out there... What's the story of that picture anyway?

1:53 AM  
Anonymous mcM├╝ller said...

I'm cheered up by the toiletpaper ad. I'm also coincidentally listening to "So Long Marianne" right now. Thank you for the playlist.

11:44 AM  
Blogger blackandblondeyelash said...

i think of leonard cohen as perfect winter music too, ever since listening to nathalie franques' cd while it was snowing in burton freshman year. it was frighteningly perfect and almost killed me. this is my playlist:

red right hand: nick cave and the bad seeds-x-files: songs in the key of x and the rest of the x-files soundtrack [although the nick cave song is also from hellboy; neil freeman exerts much influence on my life]
thanks, bro: filter- x-files: songs in the key of x
man of steel: frank black- x-files: songs in the key of x
meat puppets: unexplained: songs in the key of x
danzig: deep: same

10:16 PM  

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