Tuesday, November 8


luckily, BBC news is feeding me a steady stream of information about disease to keep my appetite for terror and paranoia satiated. in this history of pandemic disease they talk about all the epidemics in the ancient world, which in my mind i relate to the british mini series rome. (Not history)

i got back from ohio a while ago and these are some images from the journey. one of the most shocking instances was flying over manhattan and realising its uncanny resemblence to a snow globe.

my week long countdown to go on this season's vacation #2 has begun. it is about time to get excited about the warm california beaches, especially el matador. i can also begin planning a full week of burrito samplings. driving will be another fun perk, and perhaps i will go music shopping While driving at amoeba records. it will be sunny and in the mid 70's instead of this east coast bullshit. uhhhhhh huh.


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