Wednesday, May 3

isn't that what love is made of?


i eat things in a weird way, most of the time. liz calls it 'utilitarian,' but i think she's wrong about what it means to eat only a couple of ingredients - often in unexpected combinations - at a time.

it's a FULLER appreciation of each component!
also, one of my favorite things is to eat a huge quantity of a certain vegetable, until it's flavor no longer makes sense,

6 servings steamed spinach
whole bag baby carrots (with wasabi dip)
3 grapefruits
three tomatoes (with salt n' pepper, who just happened to stop by)
half a pound snow peas
(each of these were at different sittings, i hope you understand)
large can canned corn

i also like to make what i call 'raw sweet stew.'
you mix ginger preserves, plain yogurt, bananas, sunflower seeds, coriander, cold oatmeal, and dried spicy mango into a nice textured - you guessed it - 'stew.'
i ate that last night.
there are so many possibilities for what you use, but it has to be cold, include sweet fruit, and at least one spice. try it!

i'm also getting good at salads because i persuade the kids i nanny to enjoy them more and more these days.
i use lots of pine nuts, goat cheese, balsamic vinegar and - stay with me now - celery! hmmm, i guess that's not so special...

maybe i've said too much.
i've just been thinking about food today because i have accupuncture tomorrow and i want to ask her if she thinks i should go on a detox adventure.

oh, i went to a store that sells old prints (from 19th century anatomy, botony, and childrens' books, maps, etc.) and almost lost my bearings, i was so overcome with delight.

they had a page from one of my old favorite books when i was very small, called, The Vege-Men's Revenge (originally published in 1897, but reissued in 1987).

it's sooo great, it's a precursor to the wizard of oz/alice in wonderland.
this girl Poppy falls down a hole in a field or something and goes to the land of the vegetables and they plant her and she grows and multiplies and then they get ready to cook her all up and have a feast.

so she learns the valuable lesson that plants feel anger, are vicious, don't like being eaten, or something.

the best part is, when all the little 'veggie-Poppies' come up, in all the shapes of regular veggies, they're all wearing little blue and white striped dresses, and they all have headbands, too!!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

dear alex, thanks for keeping our blog alive while i am in the fluerecent light darklands. see you in three months!

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