Friday, July 28

the only newsflash i can handle

tame foxes!!!! did you look at the videos of the foxes being excited to see the lady. i am literally eating my heart out! oh if only i had the foresight to be a russian wildlife biologist, i could have silver foxes scampering and fussing to be picked up and loved!! oh, the abject horror of this existential mistake. seriously, though, those tame foxes are unbelievably cute. thanx, neil, for the heads up. i'm doubtless gonna be fantasizing about it all day... i'd name mine nooshi, czar czar, and sash.... umm, wait. i've watched both the "tame" fox videos a couple times, and i'm beginning to feel more conflicted. kind of queasy about it, you know? those wild hearts have been tamed. is that worth the fox kisses and sweet yelps? i feel kind of shameful watching their debased subjection to the (kind) researcher. i can't help but be reminded of the Scandal hit, 'the Warrior,' and it's message of undomesticated love;

You run, run, run away

It's your heart that you betray

Feeding on your hungry eyes

I bet you're not so civilized

Well isn't love primitive
A wild gift that you wanna give

Break out of captivity

And follow me stereo jungle child

Love is the kill
Your heart's still wild


You talk, talk, you talk too me

Your eyes touch me physically

Stay with me we'll take the night

As passion takes another bite,

Who's the hunter, who's the game
I feel the beat call your name

I hold you close in victory

I don't wanna tame your animal style
You won't be caged in the call of the wild

dannng........ if there's anything i've learned this year, it's not to try to cage something that was born free. i think kate bush said it best:

I found a fox
Caught by dogs.
He let me take him in my hands.
His little heart,
It beats so fast,
And I'm ashamed of running away
From nothing real--
I just can't deal with this,
But I'm still afraid to be there,
Among your hounds of love,
And feel your arms surround me.
I've always been a coward,
And never know what's good for me.

i'll have to figure this out more later.

liz i'm going to even try to describe our day at the ymca after your account. oh, jimmy and ryan say 'wazzup... ohhhhh, SNAP!'


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