Tuesday, October 31

lookie here! it looks like alex is coming out of her blog coma and putting out some "quality product". alex, does this mean you are back for good???
i moved this weekend which was very dramatic, considering the massive amounts of questionably valuble worldy posessions i have accumulated. for instance, a giant box of yarn? a giant bag of fabric? there are so many more of those floating around the usa with my name on it, i question the value of such fodder... the best thing that i have collected in the recent move are plants, of which i now have 6. i would like to name all my plants, please feel free to make suggestions.
the move was dramatic because uhaul didn't have any trucks like our reservation said they would, which led to lots of phone calls in vain (we refused to go to east new york). then, the loading and unloading of the van, from that i learned to love my 1 floor walkup. for the most dramatic part of the story: finally, when we had unleaded everything but the tv from the van, the door of the building blew shut, and we were left on the street with no keys a poor prospects of reentry. luckily, emilio was brave and spry, climbing over three buildings to enter through our back window. ta-da!
in more mundane reading-news, they finally put the last part of this horrible story in harpers, so i could finish it even though i wasn't really enjoying it. sometimes i think harpers is a little insular in the ideas from which it is fed content.
i have started drinking liquorice tea with soymilk. it is delicious. it tastes like chai. it was my own innovation, of that i am very proud of. alex, do you want some liquorice tea with soymilk?


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