Tuesday, August 8

don't call it a come back,


so there've been manatee sightings off harlem, westchester, all over the hudson river.
you can read about it from the nyt:


people used to think manatees were mermaids, when they got peeks at them basking on rocks,
because of their smooth, luminous skin, and two boobs (like dolphins?)
they're even in the order of Sirenia.
they can weigh up to 1000 kg, though.... damn, girl!
they carry their young cradled in their arms, much as a human would carry a baby.

it has even been posited that the traditional image of a mermaid with long flowing hair could be attributed to manatees breaking the ocean surface underneath patches of seaweed, and giving the unfamiliar observer the impression of having long hair.

going back to the aquatic ape theory, before 546 B.C., the Milesian philosopher Anaximander proposed that mankind had sprung from an aquatic species of animal (no doubt influenced by the sailors tales of a humanoid sea creature, beguiling them on voyages with it's feminine allure). he thought that man, with his extended infancy could not have survived, originally, in the manner he does presently.

manatees are slow moving, non-aggressive, and curious creatures, hence their nick name, the 'sea cow.'

look how cute!

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Wednesday, August 2

el comandante: >[]

my sweet boyfriend shows me cool stuff on the internet all the time. the other day we:
found a new skin for my firefox browser: PIMPZILLA
played text adventure games like hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy
wierdly both of these sites are from the netherlands! i am so happy these nerdy dutch people are so fucking cool.
look how fun!

in other news, time is running out to visit cuba under castro. i NEED to go. i will write more about plans soon.
viva el comandante!

Tuesday, August 1