Wednesday, May 16

oh guess what?!????

well, since its almost summer again, and i have decided i hate my job, i guess it's time to have a blog again! i need to brush up on my brain skills, such as writing and being creative, and maybe, just maybe, alex is with me?
alot of stuff has happened since we were regular with the blog. i am a little saddened that i wasn't around to comment on the worst 6 months of the bush administration. i also decided that i hate my job because it is a new lame corporate job full of jaded over 28s that have lost all sight of humor/humanity. lame!
up and coming in the next few months are exciting things though. i will be finishing a wedding dress for dear friend denise. i will also be finishing the new line of jewelry i am doing, which is much better and more interesting than the last.
there was exciting things in the news today too!

the news brief:
• a 10 week, oh wait, no, month, sorry, old baby was issued a gun license in illinois, despite "strict" gun laws. cool!
• there was a thunderstorm!
• wolfowish could be wishing his way out of the world bank today!!! sweet. not quite just, but anything to get him out, really.
• a super awesome giant turtle with a soft shell was found in cambodia. they thought it was extinct! it doesn't even have a wikipedia page! so giant, so soft.

new to science animal post:
• they found new animals in antarctica, and of course, they are super awesome. (all animals who live in cold, dark places tend to be similarly awesome.)


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