Wednesday, May 23


i am procrastinating right now, because i need to do work and i just don't want to. things i did today to procrastinate:
sat in tompkins park
walked to union square
walked around farmers market buying cookies and pretending to buy plants
found new friends on myspace
read about monkeys getting the bubonic plague 3x (3 different articles)
read gossip blog
talked on phone
found annoying upstairs neighbors on myspace because they left a flyer on my door

thats alot of procrastinating!!!!
now, i have also made a procrastination appointment for tomorrow already, by setting up a meeting with a designer who is making her own stuff, rather than making the dress that i am supposed to be designing:

below i can illustrate the problem with the pattern that i need to fix and then apply to the design:

yes, and more of a problem when your client does not live in the same place as you. please don't laugh.

funny things i saw today:
cute squirrel
cute dog
my best friends dad's band's myspace page with this picture!


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