Wednesday, September 6

rehashing burnt out hash hashup

last night i got a myspace message from a guy i met on the internet when i was 12 (went something like, "um i think you still have some of my sonic youth cds....."). this made me think about my relationship with the internet, and how i need to put more effort in so that we don't break up. please internet, don't break up with me. i love you. you are so insane.
it has been aproximately 2 months since i have visited my blog. alex has also been away. we have been renovating our lives, so hopefully the new design will be even more appealing.
things i have done recently that i had not done before:
* used a torrent to download information
* admitted fault in a shameful situation
* visited a friend for the first time
* walked aimlessly around ny
* bought an art book in nyc
* looked at an apartment by myself
* registered at community college
very different.
things that happened while i was away:
exciting visit to my sister.
full house shake up.
intense introspection about my professional life.
new clothes.
housesitting in v. v. nice brownstone (close association with animals).
short visits with alex.
intense exploration of downtown brooklyn.
here are some pictures that came from my summer family time fling starring my sister delia, my dad ivan, me as myself and my two nieces, julia and simone:

playing in water
children's museum, pittsburgh, pa

children's museum, pittsburgh, pa

park made from tires, pittsburgh, pa

looking Tuff
private residence, murrysville, pa