Thursday, November 16

a new level

aparently the germans are WAY ahead of us in terms of a woman's right to choose, in this amazing article from the bbc,
"A doctor who carried out a failed contraceptive operation has been ordered by a German court to pay financial support for the child."
that means 600 euros a month for 18 years, in case you are wondering.

new world order

things are really turning around in this country- first the democrats win the house, next they take the senate, i mean, what more could we ask for? it seems like every day there is something new to celebrate! this morning i read this good news: jack abramoff will spend the next six months performing menial tasks and living in a 6 person dormitory. has he become a male model? no. does anyone else see the potential jack-in-the-box commercial here? i guess they don't really have jack in the box on the east coast, but .... i bet he'd do anything to make a little bling while in the slammer! (please consult these emails in order to properly understand ja's earning potential)

well, OOOCHA!!!!!!!!
the old guard is on its way out and the loving, caring, socialists and populists are standing in the minor shadows, ready to come out and hack the
conservative reptillian aliens to pieces.

today, for instance, milton friedman died. aparently, according to this short article, milton says, "there's no such thing as a free lunch." um, it's called "your nice friends invited you over and fed you." or, "you have a nice garden in your backyard." or, "chairity".

nancy pelosi is going to be the 1st woman speaker of the house in HIStory. awesome. she says, "i am a person commited to ending this war." AS SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE SHE WILL BE SECOND IN THE PRESIDENTIAL LINE OF SUCCESSION AFTER THE VICE PRESIDENT. please god, please.