Sunday, July 31

blast off!!!!!!

so i got rejected from harpers on friday. they said i was "very close" (4/6 = .66666666) but unfortunately they had chosen 4 people that apparently were more awesome than myself (.3333333 lame!). by "more awesome", i tend to read "went to harvard", which, when i visited, was the school that 3 of 4 of their current interns attended. now, i have to say, i have a bit of a problem with this selection policy. if harpers is so liberal, don't they know that by selecting mainly people that went to harvard they are only maintaining the patriarchal structure that runs most horrible institutions in this country, like for instance, my high school or the government. i mean, isn't it more likely that people that went to harvard have a totally unrealistic and limited perception of the world?

when i was living in cambridge one summer, i did a lot of psychological testing at harvard, and i have to say i wasn't impressed. and cambridge was probably the most homogenous and BORING town i had ever been to (save this amazing gem of taxidermy and formaldehyde). there was one girl that went to harvard from my high school who got in by starting a community service program called ReRead in order to provide homeless people with magazines such as architectural digest, food and wine, and the NEIMAN MARCUS catalogue. really nice for homeless people, right?

so, now, i return to coverletterpolooza. awesome! some nice things have happened recently though, like, look at that new links bar on the side. i did that! and i made some nice clothes.

other news:
  • lockheed announces profit boost of 56% (!!!) wow are we doing a good job.
  • and the world once again remembers that everyone in africa is starving (did anything actually change since i was 6 and my parents told me to eat all my food because i could be one of those starving children in africa?).
i am still reading pastoralia- yesterday i read an especially good story about zombies and was taken back to images from my favortie movie circa 11th grade (pre-LOTR).

please look forward to some harrowing music reviews to make their debut in the next week.
AND, now, you can post comments (!), like the savant who posted on this entry.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

better luck next time, retard!

9:32 PM  
Anonymous v. tiny sticks said...

things are surely, totally, rolling along here! yep! keep it up!, gotta be tough!, give it all u got!, don't stop! y mas!

6:56 PM  

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