Thursday, August 11

cowbells chime

**#*#*wish list (inspired by my favorite h.w.w.b., cowbell!)*#*#**

* new head phones where the foam stuff isn't gnarly and ticklingly ragged

* no nightmares

* job that grabs me right in the morning, to erase nightmares

* durable nylon straps

* a magical photo connection to develop my eight rolls from my trip (cause it like dint happen unless i can show the pictures, right?!?

* lumber and a power drill for "home solutions"
* real health insurance

* money to buy books ((specif. 'the secret history,' and 'russian debutante's handbook,' any southern gothic 400p+))

* harachis 'n' hibatchis!!

* trainfare up north

* DD batteries/new bra

* time and distance submissive to my will



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