Monday, August 1

oh mr. bolton, your bold mustache, your tousled hair...

well, helloooooo mr. bolton. congratulations. it's about time isn't it? fuck those democrats. in fact, fuck the senate too. in 10 years hopefully, we'll have overhauled it to make room for the people that are really going to make a difference. they have no idea what's right for this country. they probably would have let saddam install al qaida in iraq before they went to war. liberal idiots. well, i'm sure you'll do amazing things for this country now that you are the ambassador to the UN. maybe you'll even start a few more wars (great for business, keep it up!) - in fact, i heard pyongyang calling you a pussy behind your back. you'll teach that fucker. communist piece of shit country can't even feed itself, "oh, yeah, we'll just try to be sustainable without participating in the global economy." look where they are now. just stick with it dude, and maybe you will do as awesome a job as our president. i love america! god bless!
so what's it going to be, COOL THING?

perhaps a new series of spaceship drawings is in order.


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