Friday, June 30


SCOOP! elizabeth was at work and an hasidic man in full regalia came in to try on a jean skirt -- a short one!! he was alll nervous about it and asked her how she thought it looked. it sounds like that time i went into the sports authority and tried on jockstraps. they were sooooo weirded out!

Tuesday, June 27

bat out of hell

yesterday there was amazing mist and fog here in maine. i was in the car with ariella, my stepsister, and her boyfriend charlie. they go to school at reed, and we all agreed that it felt like temperate rainforest.

i want to move back to portland oregon.

anyway, so ariel said that aurora (her sister) was visiting someone in new york who goes to bennington with her, and the girl was like, "oh, you want some milk? go ahead into the kitchen." (this is in a fancy nyc loftish place). so she goes into the kitchen and meatloaf is standing at the counter, and aurora's like, out of the kitchen again, whispering "holy shit, meatloaf's in your kitchen!" (can you do an exclaimation point when it's whispering???) the girl's says, "yeah, that's my dad." it's really a better story if you hear the meek way she said it was her dad, but WOAH wouldn't that be so awesome to have him as your dad.
i would wear his pirate shirts. i would have people come over and unknowingly run into him in the kitchen!!!
ariel brought it up because we were listening and having a sing-along to the long, better version of Meatloaf and Bonnie Tyler singing "total eclipse of the heart." that song is brutal:

Once upon a time I was falling in love
But now I'm only falling apart
There's nothing I can do
A total eclipse of the heart
Once upon a time there was light in my life
But now there's only love in the dark
Nothing I can say
A total eclipse of the heart

i don't know how to make my voice all scratchy and smokey, like b.t., but ariel can.
on the topic of dark romanticism, did you know that Ted Hughes destroyed the last three years' worth of Sylvia Plath's journals after she committed suicide? I really wonder what she wrote about. i heard that the contents of her disappeared writings are concealed symbolically within his childrens' book, "The Earth Owl and Other Moon-people." If you can get your hands on that book, let me in on it and we'll solve the mystery. actually, all his children's books look pretty crucial:

Fangs the Vampire Bat and the Kiss of Truth
Shaggy and Spotty
Nessie the Mannerless Monster

talk about crypto-LumberGoth!

ok, well, more to come. i took lots of pictures in maine.

Tuesday, June 13

funder my thunder

world fashion part II

reading the news today was really depressing. lots of really bad things happened all over the world. (palestinians on a beach, bush-or impersonator-in iraq, americans riled up about winning the war, guantanamo suicides, child labor, "kill iraqis" marine song, african war lords, bla bla, bla) but thats why we have to try to look at the brighter side of things and focus on the positive, like the wonderfully inventive way of life that exists despite obvious obstacles. so this is the world fashion primer for today:

sudanese refugees watch the world cup

street children in ethiopia wear inventive crowns
while breaking their daily bread

folk fashion reinhabits the domicile in bolivia

Friday, June 9

friday night partee

hi. i am babysitting! tonight is a party, with me, the creatures, and my best friend, my computer. BABYSITTING is the best thing to do at night, second to watching movies, but alot of the time at babysitting you can watch movies too.
the other day i was thinking of jobs i could have and i was thinking i don't have enough experience to have jobs that i want. it made me think of a time when i was in college when a friend was moaning and groaning about freshman and sophmores in 300 level classes. the conversation went something like,
"i can't stand it when these people are in the class and have to have bullshit like terminology that they should already know explained to them, it totally slows down the whole class and it is just because they want the presitege of the upper level class."
"you don't think someone who didn't have the framework of the lower level classes could add something to the class anyway?"
this person went on to never finish college, having been placed in a high level job.
can i get a similar high level job? i never felt like i wasn't contributing to the upper level classes. besides isn't there no way that anyone could have a "complete background" in something?
it is annoying that my boss at my internship is only 2 years older than me. how do some people get such nice high paying jobs when they look for jobs and other people get such crapy jobs or jobs that don't pay them anything or crapy jobs that also don't pay anything.
it all seems very arbitrary.


this last week was the one year anniversary of me moving to new york.

things i know i like about new york:
puerto ricans
riding the train while reading
adventure walks
sitting in parks
sitting and walking in general
people watching
chatting with strangers
maximizing space
sheer multitude of eating establishments
sheer multitude of people i like or would like to like
ease of bumping into people
ease of avoiding people
witnessing details of strangers or aquaintances due to close proximity
lack of standard for exact time
rain and mist

today i bought 4 plants:
a money plant
a lavendar plant
english ivy
a heart leafed p____ (hangs!)
rue, a provincal country herb

i guess thats five plants
i also already have a basil plant, which i have nursed from a wee babe into a real grown basil plant.
i hope my plants will not die.

Sunday, June 4

tearful SnuggledBlogsnot farewell!

sweeeeeeeeeeeeties! i will i will iwill keep a running list, etc, of what i do up in maine, for YOU and for EVERYONE. didn't i do that last summer? no matter, this time will be better! oh, do i have plans? yes! so many.
only a smalll part of the plan is dispatching packages to everyone who's given me their address so far. and NO, neil, they will NOT be leaves and teeth. how far into the forest do you think i'm going?!?!!? if you want a package/letter, and i love/like/know/dig you, email me your address (or you can message it to me on fiendster, etc.)!!! i promise to send anyone who takes the time to do this a lovely or strange little nugget.


Friday, June 2

dear blog. something really sad is happening. something very bad and sad. alex is moving to maine. she is going without me. she doesn't want to be in new york anymore. she doesn't want to come hang out with me at work anymore. she has had her last cake shop beer? she has had her last nikki's vietnamese sadwich. alex, are there pool tables in main? how about parks? have they ever heard about "parks" in maine?
before i was born my mother owned 25 acres of land in maine. it had a hut. oh, wait, new englanders call them "cottage". it had a cottage. supposedly my mom sold it so they could remodel our house in california. they remodeled our house really badly (bad as in Bad Taste) and then the house was gone and so was all that stuff in maine. so i never went there.
if i had been from a different type of family, maybe i would be the one threatening to move to maine for the summer. i bet my house in maine would have horses too. and a light house. instead all i can say is my house used to have a rubber plant that they removed when remodeling. what kind of freak _gets rid of their rubber plant_?
other wildlife growing around my house:
grapefruit tree
fig tree
persimon tree (i always thought persimmon was from the root persephonae)
oak tree
bird of paradise
peach tree
plum tree.
what is a fig? i never learned what a fig was. i always assumed that there was a fruit that then shriveled into a fig, which then shriveled into a date, which then became a seed or "pit". i don't think that's how figs work.
dear alex, i am moving back to california. i haven't told anyone yet. please don't tell anyone.
psych! just kidding.
dear princess alex, please do write on your trip to maine. it would be most kind if you were to relay your cherished experiences back to us, your "blog friends".