Sunday, August 21

aspects of ratio/perspective.

*so, when you watch a movie and there are all these layers, say a greenscreen is tricking you into thinking that the computer modified hero is flying through the air and his voice rings clear, "Here comes a candle to light you to bed, Here comes a chopper to chop off your
head. Chip chop, chip chop, the last man's dead. ...
" while space and time are moving but the camera isn't, do you think, this totally sucks and i can't relate to this at all, or do you think, wow, that hero is quite heroic and able to do things that i would only dream of doing if i had the stamina, courage, and training to do so? i feel like this is how i see things every day (dreams crushed and rekindled with grander more delusional aspirations) and i would like some standardized spectrometer to gauge my lack of perspective/ depth of "creative emotional state". if only i knew how things were, i feel like then, at least i could say very wise things. like for instance, "the war in iraq is bad." or "people that make business deals with wal mart have sold their souls to the most evil spirit in the world and will pay karmaticly at some point in the future." this is not black magic i speak of (is poisoning of the mind considered magic? "my poisoned spikey wedding crown?" "my thick necked antler brains?"), but a more precise dictation of what occurs in the world. magical words. (language = technology of the mind = human progress? re: technology = progress/there are not other kinds of language i.e. language of the trees: you are not in MIDDLE EARTH) if we say that we are not worried about the end of driving/oil/severe climate change, mind over matter, right?
*this month in harpers there was an article about how we have mishaped our cultural values to be dicated by a false sense of beauty that we attribute to the meloncholic state (depression) and thusly need to redefine what we see as proper emotional values and responses. this, in effect, would imply drastic changes in what we considered good art, culture and ideas. the best thing about the theory is that our response to the world around us should be dictated by chemistry rather than the false ideas that our chemically imperfect perception has bestowed upon us like unhappiness. so, accordingly, no matter how fucked up things were, in a chemically perfect state of mind, things would always be managable and, in fact, good.
thinking positive, staying positive.
*i want to become a chemistry wizard who specializes in the high court of language. i want to form an army of avatars that will battle this thing we call reality. they will all have computers and simulaneously program creative new directions for the world while sucking creativity out of those who battle to stay in the real world. virtual death? what is life if you don't leave some lasting ideology? i mean, of all the wizards we remember, isn't it those who made us think something that we couldn't see.
oranges and lemons
you owe me five farthings

when will you pay me

when I grow rich

when will that be

i do not know
well, i'm going to go listen to some mili vanili and get in touch with my feelings.


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woah i want to bug out with you when i get back tomorrow! from the jist of that post, you are buggin, in the good way (!?!?!?). me too. i love you!!!

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