Sunday, August 14

choked in the open net!

me and liz tried to embark on the chinatown bus, northbound to the untouched, unspoiled, 'authentic' splendor of limerick, in southeastern maine. but, no! we were denied access. now i will go alone tomorrow, to those, my other stomping grounds. she will try to join me later in the week, because, oh yes, the call of the woods and the lakes is strong, stronger and stronger as the summer wears on. all is not lost because there are baby cats, baby rabbits, and a baby icelandic sheepdog up there, which, when added together, will substitute nicely for the exhuberant presence of my friend liz. as well as aurora my stepsister, and my father steve, and his girlfriend (grillfiend?!!??!?!) the fabulous christine sears.

what have we plannned for the trip (to recommence monday, bright and early)?

a) photo projects (narrative and abstract, both), to be posted upon completion
b) night swimming/canoeing
c) lake-hunting (turtles, fish, sea snakes, lake snakes, freshwaters eels)
d) kitten-napping (in both senses)
e) art making (figure drawing, comics, creature stuffing, amateur taxidermy)
f) rain dancing
g) introduction of liz to icelandic puppy, temperment and appearance
h) tribal reaffiliation
i) thrifting for charm rough materials (i.e. golden computer brooch, like last time)

stay tuned for developments from the front (written in the cryptoBritish vernacular of the region)


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