Friday, August 12

SHS 4-eva ;)

happy SHS* everyone! i am just delerious with happiness and joy about how motherfucking hot it is today!

day one waitressing was totally fucking rad. i got to work for free for 8 hours AND learn all the really hard technical skills needed to serve people a plate of food. for instance, did you know what a quesadilla was? neither did i! how about ravioli? these were the hard questions i was faced with all day. the highlight was when a big black suited bodyguard asked me if the restauraunt served pancakes. pancakes at 11 am? fuck yeah! then, the biggest rockstar of all time was upon us. "miami" steve van zant of e street band fame! bruce springsteen you rock my world! seriously! tunnel of love? i fucking love that album! that undeniable timber of bruce springsteen's working class falceto gives me goosebumps every time. i sing that shit while i am building fucking furniture from IKEA. hammers and sweat, man, hammers and sweat (and diet coke? D/COKE).

the album starts off with a bang, with Ain't Got You. the rhythmic jamboree of the guitar leads us into bruce's whimsical take on love. the track is harrowing, really. kind of like a southern baptist preacher telling you about the virtues of a good soul or the benefits of the kindness you show your mother. bruce reels us in, in track 2, Tougher Than the Rest, where he tranforms the male idenetity, taking it to a more complex level, as he says, "maybe your other boyfriends couldn’t pass the test/ well if you’re rough and ready for love honey I’m tougher than the rest." here we see that masculinity is "rough and tough" but bruce is rough and tough for LOVE, not just as an expression of his male "machismo" personality. there are some light sweet hits that fill the middle of the album, more notably, Tunnel of Love, which really takes me back to the It's A Small World Ride at Disneyland (the only ride where i have truely felt love in a tunnel- is that a SWAN?). springsteen remains tender but tough the whole way through: in Two Faces he admits that he sometimes feels "two faced: like half a man". the sythesizer hook really captures the rapture of this contradiction, disonant and whiny, but fluid like a willow tree bending in the fall breeze. SASSY? BITTERSWEET? then we get to track 10, One Step Up. those lyrics really speak to my defeated yet brave memories of hope for the future. "we're the same old story thats a fact/one step up and two steps back." break my fucking heart why don't you? bruce, how can a working man be so sensetive to the perils of love and idealism in a world so full of cold metal hearts? all in all, this album is a precious slice of nostalgia for the now abandoned factory belt of america and the spirit that has left with it. well, bruce, thank you. thank you for your struggle and heroicism.

now this is what i call summer!

"kanke lekkere man, kanke lekkere."

*shity hot summer


Blogger sandrine said...

you put me to shame elithabeth (with your awesome post)!
i bet dannny r. totally rocks out to the boss when he's putting axel grease in his hair (you know i like em greasy) and snorting crystal meth off a replica of his lonely heart (you know i like em morbid).
anyway, it's your blog, i just live here.

shout out to AT, shout out to SEM, big hug to my first grade teacher!


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