Monday, August 29


«... современные субъективисты усвоили себе манеру изображать зиждительную форму [форму произведения, еще не воплощенную, но задуманную автором, -Ю.Г.] лишь некоторыми беглыми чертами, или, еще хуже, просто-напросто подменять ее каким-нибудь аспектом собственного малого «я»; и «я» это проявляется в проекциях относительных и фрагментарных.»


we went to hip hop karaoke last night, and made a killing... in a trainwreck... of OURSELVES. it was fun but it is hard to read the lyrics
off a sheet of paper when your drunken friend sarah is swaying and bumping into you. just kidding, SA, your a princess among hoes. before that, we saw francis starlight, who sarah's been raving about for months and it was awe-some! i kept spouting all the performers he reminded me of, even though he did maintain hisself as a distinct entity:

#prince, with the falsetto and the feminine playa skills

#david byrne, with the strangely rhythmic jerky limbs, and the neck-snap hair-whipping

#james brown, with the footloose fancy feet and the gutteral exclamations and sitiing down at the key board, only to spring up again, posessed with the soul fever

#andre 3000, with the funky beats and the coy dissing of lost love!!
#some kind of robot manimal, with vocoded blips and electronic breakdowns...

sounds awesome, RIGHT? highly recommended. he's not really that famous, i don't think, so i don't know when he's playing next. on another note,
ne came and it was delightful to see her foxy personage being, quite frankly, a hot witty mess.


Anonymous Ron "Don" Johnson Automotiv said...

I have a lot of fun reading y'all's blog. it is something I do regularly!

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