Tuesday, August 23

get your memory gazettes here!

spectral capture of childhood anamnesis
"Her mind seemed wholly taken up with reminiscences of past gaietyā€¯

yesterday was a big day. why?

*went swimming at kennebunk beach, fucking FREEZING
*then went 'bridge jumping' on the cat mousam river, like an f-ing teenager
*then went rope swimming off an ABANDONED railroad/AQUEDUCT.{sans culottes}
but then these teenagers rolled up in their brightly colored jams and i had to get my friend to throw down the granny bathing suit i bought at goodwill on the way there (picture to be posted later, when i return from the hinterland...).

this rope swing was literally 60 or seventy feet up.
it was so awesome. i cannot adequately express through this electronic medium how it feels to throw your world-worn body off a perilously high aqueduct buttress, when you don't even know how COLD the WATER is!
i can only hope you bastards have done it before.

well, i'm coming back tomorrow.
cool it down before i get there, will you!


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