Monday, August 29

snuggle my skuttle

so, i have started to live like a real live time bandit. by this, i mean i do all the things one would do if one were capable of time travel, but my real life time machine is not functioning, so i just spend all my time in addition to time i don't have. we'll see how this goes. i think i am going to work a 68 hour week. is that crazy?

last night i forayed onto the town with a number of good friends and a long lost love
. if anyone thought that chugging beer in the bathroom of a bar with a bunch of friends has lost any of its charm since high school, THEY'RE FUCKING WRONG! it rules! there is no greater feeling than violating rules at over priced williamsburg hipster bars full of rich x-jocks. it also rules to drink walking down the street out of paper bags and by rivers. i hate drinking in bars!

eventually i found myself singing the jay z/little kim duet "can i get a fuck you" at hip hop karaoke. as alex might have hinted, reading and sharing lyrics is tre difficult when you are wasted, but luckily nic has extensive free stylin skills and always makes the best of the party when drunk.

another tip for nyc hangers outers:


first and foremost, the most important part of going out is making a scene. thank you to all who made it happen last night!

on another note, the worst part of not going out on a friday and saturday night is working and having every drunk man in the city try to pick you up on your fucking break. fuck off drunken men! i hate you!

i was meaning to send nic to germany with one of my favorite mixes, but the house elves had it snatched and unfortunately i have yet to make enough money to buy new cdrs. this, however, i think has turned out for the better, because i realized i should just post it on my blog so everyone has the opportunity to compile it.

so now, the mix will become a regular feature of the blog:

+ jessica - adam green
+ silver - echo and the bunnymen
+ vanity kills - ABC*
+ breath of life - erasure*
+ easy lover - phil collins
+ always - erasure*
+ look away - big country*
+ space age love song - flock of seagulls
+ call call - the faint
+ tenderness - general public
+ december 4th - jay z*
+ heather heather - the magnetic fields*
+ tell it to my heart - taylor dane
+ the promise - when in rome
+ toy soldiers - martika
+ its my life - talk talk
+ tonight she comes - the cars*
+ yous spin me round - dead or alive

******** ******************* ****** *******************

this week's hot quotes from men in the east village:
"will you take me home with you? [muttered] so i can ruin your life."
"if you stay here any longer i'm going to have to squeeze you." (um, hello, disgusto, this is not a compliment)
"....yeah i got a kid, he's 22, fucking drug addict crawling through windows. i ain't having no more kids.... unless its wit you, baby."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

dear anonymous,

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phantom blogmate

2:46 AM  
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