Monday, September 26

llama gonna make you love me!

woah, viewerships are slipping. sorry to let you down, gentle reader(s???). who are you? what are you thinking? can i entice your eyes and hearts with any certain content, so early in our delicate relationship. do you want soul-cozy snapshots of me with my treasured pet? recipes? musical ruminations?? liz, help!

this link cluster has been shamelessly lifted from someone else's internet relationship functional platform, but i just want to help get IT out there: aaaa.....

one! two! three!


been farming a little bit again. if someone (i KNOW) reads this blog and wants to come with me to the farm, consider this a strangely missplaced invitation to chase turkeys out of the garden, jump on a trampoline, and harvest basil. they're cool folks up there and for some reason they want new yorkers to come up and help out. there's lots of secret places there.


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