Friday, September 2

leader who, leader what?

so here is the wake up call (you might need real player?) for everyone to finally *really* get it that george bush is (?) the worst person in the world? come on, america, we don't want neworleansland in bad decline do we?

*****glass bottomed boats bring us a fusion of disneyland's "haunted mansion" and "the submarine ride" (so real! so terrifying!)*********mixed with the real life cowboys and indians battle of street thug drug addicts verus the dirty south militia men******* FEMA food rations as snacks and bugs as filler*********(can disease in society really become so apparently literal?) reality hasen't transgressed that far into satirical fiction?***********

it makes me really sad that we have leaders in this country that care about the people who live here and they have to go up against the fucking assholes that run this country into the ground. but big up to the mayor of new orleans for speaking his fucking mind. note to everyone who might have forgotten: we are only into the 9th month of bush's 2nd term (3.25 years to go!!!!!!). lets get some action together and impeach the motherfucker.


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