Thursday, October 6

convince me this is the way

so i can tell that i need to work less/leave this city, when all i want to do in my post is complain about the stupid people i have to deal with all day. luckily i can hide in my closet (read room) with r kelly and try to forget that this is my life. i mean, how am i supposed to approach these people when they open the door to my closet? should i pull out my baretta or just pray that they leave me alone? should i tell them they don't have to go no further? unfortunately, i have not dedicated enough time this evening to really aleviating this problem through a thoroughly altered state, but i think my recent bout with food poisoning has left my reflexes at odds with my desires.

most exciting news of today though, is that i get go on ~~~v.a.c.a.t.i.o.n.~~~ to ohio, home of 1. friends 2. my stuff 3. unique thrift stores 4. my midwestern nostalgia. i really can't explain just how excited i am about going to ohio, but to give a little hint, i have carefully planned most aspects of my month around it. for instance, should i watch any cable tv? absolutely not, not until i watch it in OHIO. should i let my heart surge with a glimpse of fall light? no way! save that for ohio.

another good thing that happened this week: stvee vee donated some much needed audiosticious insight that he had saved up all in his hard drive to bring to my underprivileged computer. my computer was a little embarrassed at the initial proposition ("come on, you can take it from the man..." "but..." "just take it ok?")

at this point i need to address to picture above, because it has been in the back of my mind this whole time. ok, so, the python hated the crocodile, so he was like, "well fuck this, i'm gonna eat you, motherfucker," and then the crocodile was like, "fuck you, you fuckfaced python, my spikey, rigid tale is going to rip your ass in half when you try to eat me, motherfucker". in the end, i guess they both won, but the croc gets my respect for not being such a grubber. if only these fuckers could learn to cooperate like these nice girls making braids, they might be able to work things out.

i'm ready - kano
dub love - master c & j

tres tenores - funky do morro
baile funk two - m.i.a./diplo
here i am baby - al green
trapped in the closet pt.1 - r kelly
baby it's you - the shirelles
trapped in the closet pt.2
lovers and friends - og ron c
you are my sunshine - the free design
galang - m.i.a./diplo
kill somebody - b-legit
somebody gotta die tonght - cam'ron
track 2 - diplo live in montreal
take away - missy elliot
my brother woody - the free design
rockin it - fearless four


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