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olden daze!

Saturday, July 29

AMERICA ******


Friday, July 28

the only newsflash i can handle

tame foxes!!!! did you look at the videos of the foxes being excited to see the lady. i am literally eating my heart out! oh if only i had the foresight to be a russian wildlife biologist, i could have silver foxes scampering and fussing to be picked up and loved!! oh, the abject horror of this existential mistake. seriously, though, those tame foxes are unbelievably cute. thanx, neil, for the heads up. i'm doubtless gonna be fantasizing about it all day... i'd name mine nooshi, czar czar, and sash.... umm, wait. i've watched both the "tame" fox videos a couple times, and i'm beginning to feel more conflicted. kind of queasy about it, you know? those wild hearts have been tamed. is that worth the fox kisses and sweet yelps? i feel kind of shameful watching their debased subjection to the (kind) researcher. i can't help but be reminded of the Scandal hit, 'the Warrior,' and it's message of undomesticated love;

You run, run, run away

It's your heart that you betray

Feeding on your hungry eyes

I bet you're not so civilized

Well isn't love primitive
A wild gift that you wanna give

Break out of captivity

And follow me stereo jungle child

Love is the kill
Your heart's still wild


You talk, talk, you talk too me

Your eyes touch me physically

Stay with me we'll take the night

As passion takes another bite,

Who's the hunter, who's the game
I feel the beat call your name

I hold you close in victory

I don't wanna tame your animal style
You won't be caged in the call of the wild

dannng........ if there's anything i've learned this year, it's not to try to cage something that was born free. i think kate bush said it best:

I found a fox
Caught by dogs.
He let me take him in my hands.
His little heart,
It beats so fast,
And I'm ashamed of running away
From nothing real--
I just can't deal with this,
But I'm still afraid to be there,
Among your hounds of love,
And feel your arms surround me.
I've always been a coward,
And never know what's good for me.

i'll have to figure this out more later.

liz i'm going to even try to describe our day at the ymca after your account. oh, jimmy and ryan say 'wazzup... ohhhhh, SNAP!'

our pet fox comes with us on our missions


yesterday i went to the gym with alex. besides discovering that alex has a removeable hip, plastic hair and (shhh) a private ju jitsu coach, i learned alot about what it is like to go to the gym.
first of all, people are really really serious about working out. trying to make a mockery out of exercise? unacceptable! making faces in weight room mirrors? unacceptable! (wait, i have to eat some more of my boyfriends chocolate covered candied pistacioes) so, needless to say, i think we stuck out a little.
alex secretly has all these jock friends that she lifts weights with, and i was constantly being shushed and shewed because i didn't get their jokes:
"what's the difference between a barbell and a cowbell?"
i think we all know my answer to that...
at the gym, alex and i developed our muscles, learned about mexican children, sweated and steamed our hearts out ("I steamed my heart out")
alex told me about the aquatic ape theory, which i never knew about. !!! (i would explain it more, but i am guessing i am just an idiot for not already knowing but if you don't know you should really check it out...........)
at a certain point, this monologue gained the strange, ominous, mystical accompanyment of an autoharp.
alex is starting an autoharp band called harpooner. i think that sounds dirty!
we are currently developing the band insignia. (think piercing sea flesh)


there is a newsticker>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
all the news>>>>>>>>>
keeps on happening>>>>>>>>>>
all the time>>>>>>>>>>>>>

[[tick]] HEATWAVE 2006
california is just too hot!
25,000 cattle
700,000 chickens
22 in fresno
[[tick]] who knew security conferences were such a gas!
instead of meeting with stuffy stodgy pyongyong delegation this week, the asean regional forum gathered together for song and dance. wierder than most official world power rituals, the forum apparently always tries to "lighten things up" with entertainment and a little "personality." condoleezza rice played the piano. there was a bollywood show about nuclear threats:
"Oh, if only the world was Bollywood, we could all dance and happily prance and declare the world as jolly good," the song went.
"Then we add some handsome heroes, some villains and some nuclear Neros, a Mr Khan, a Dr No, a Mr Kim and a John Doe."
Japanese Foreign Minister Taro Aso sported an overcoat and hat to perform in a sketch featuring cartoon characters such as giant frogs, a Power Ranger and a mutant lobster.

[[tick]] lebannon, wah wah

Thursday, July 27

buddaH lovas

"In the Swiss city of Zurich, zookeepers said they had been serving the animals ice creams made of berries, meat and bones to cool them down. "
apparently, it's been really hot outside. alex says i can't have my hummer afterall.

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Friday, July 21

my day is dedicated to...

sarah malmude: this morning i drempt we were being alternately possessed by this spirit, but it was fun, and not scary after the first time. we didn't do anything crazy when we were under the spirit's impression; it was more like they were trying to tell us a secret about their mystery, by inhabiting one of us and then making ghostly hand motions to the other. i guess that's what usually happens when you talk to someone before bed, you dream of them. i hope you had sweet dreams, cause you are a........
kindred spirit!

liz: why haven't we figured this out yet!!! kitten equals death ray weapon, clearly. i saw a shiftless punk travelling 'couple' yesterday, sitting on the street. they had a tiny orange kitten tied to a pack. a (yuppie) passserby squated down to pet the kitten and it was all fangs, and "RRRRRAWR!"
tiny pseudo-political kitten fury!
anyway, back to the plan... we need to rig up a kitten with a powerful gamma ray blast, so we can flounce into an unsuspecting financial institution and magically finance my need for an amp and a four-track (a la ween), and for you to finance your... um, what do you want?? whatever you want, we'll get it!
and i know you're ready to roll, cause we're.......
kindred spirits!


note to the reader: while making this quick post, i suddenly and unexpectedly, felt a 'ween phase' washing into my desire compartment likea blessed wave of brown glitter.
it's been a while, but it's ween time for me, once more.

Thursday, July 20

on the hunt!

i'm looking for a new job, right now! as we 'speak.' I've got my fingers crossed on this custom frosting job ("Icing Enthusiast Needed"). Also curious about a dance company costume assistantship., though i may lack the formal qualifications. Also angling for admissions/membership girl at the himalayan art museum in manhattan.Do you believe that spells will help me on my employment quest?

we'll see!

maybe i should just rely on my nascent music career...
wish me luck!

Tuesday, July 18

she's into some weird shit...

....but we love her anyway.

Sunday, July 16


Thursday, July 13

i drempt i had to do a

deep sea futuristic mission to code-break a techno-island housing project's security system. i had to blow out all the toxic-mud from a long tube to use as a breathing apparatus. someone was treading water to help me - i don't remember who - a close friend. we had arrived at the complex with a half-submerged water skimming boat. things were just getting interesting...

Wednesday, July 12

finding out happiness at work!

find out your own personal HPI

Happy Planet Index

Your personal Happy Planet Index (HPI) is 26.1, which is similar to that of Zambia, Central African Republic or Belarus. Sorry to say that this is below the world average of 46. For those living in the UK, you’ll also be disappointed to hear your score is below the national average. Your score is about the same as that of your country, 28.8.

Below is a breakdown of the various components that make up your HPI score.

[Average is of all online responses to this survey - not the average for your country]

Life Expectancy

Your life expectancy is a little below the average for your gender and country. Small changes to your lifestyle could make all the difference, for example quitting or cutting down smoking, eating a more balanced diet, or getting more exercise. Everyone knows these habits can be hard to change, but you wouldn't be the first to do so!

[Average is of all online responses to this survey - not the average for your country]

Ecological Footprint

Your ecological footprint is 7.04 global hectares, or 3.91 planets. This is equivalent to the average in Finland or Sweden.

Your ecological footprint is below average for the country you live in.

Oh dear! You are using between three and five times your share of the planet's resources, even assuming no resources are set aside for other species. That's well above the world average, and even above the average for most industrialised countries. Perhaps it's time to start taking action. Here are some of the most effective steps that everyone can make to reduce their footprint:

  1. Leave your car in the garage. Car use has a huge impact on ecological footprint. Obviously it's more difficult for people in certain circumstances, but where possible, try to use public transport more. Or, even better, get on a bike!
  2. It's obvious, but we have to say it. Conserve energy. Turn off the lights when you leave a room, buy energy-efficient bulbs and appliances, turn off your TV completely, rather than leave it on standby.
  3. Reduce your waste. If there are ways to recycle where you live, try and do so. If you have a garden, start a compost heap. Re-use plastic bags. Give away clothes you don't use, rather than throwing them away. There are hundreds of little things you can do.
  4. You don't have to become vegetarian, but cutting down on meat, particularly beef, and particularly from animals fed by imported soya feed, is an effective step to reducing your footprint.
  5. It has to be said that air travel is one of the biggest contributors to many people's footprints. For example, flying direct from London to Sydney and back would add 5.44 g ha to your footprint - that's the average Briton's footprint for an entire year. Flights with a connection add even more polluting air miles.
[Average is of all online responses to this survey - not the average for your country]

Life Satisfaction

You reported a life satisfaction of 6. This is just above our estimated world average life satisfaction of 5.9. At a national level, your score matches the means for Portugal, Iran and Vietnam. In Britain, just over a quarter of respondents reported a life satisfaction of 6 or lower.

[Average is of all online responses to this survey - not the average for your country]


The new economics foundation (nef) recognises that there's more to life than feeling good, which is why our model for well-being is based on four domains – personal feelings, personal functionings, social feelings and social functionings. 'Feelings' refers to your attitude to the way you, your future and society are. 'Functionings' looks at whether you have the opportunities to do the things that bring you well-being. Like with life satisfaction, a score of 5 is theoretically the middle score, but, given the way most people respond to surveys, is below average.

Personal Feelings

In this online questionnaire, personal feelings are assessed with two questions – one testing your optimism and one testing your self-esteem.

You are optimistic about the future and probably also about yourself.

[Average is of all online responses to this survey - not the average for your country]

Personal Functionings

In this online questionnaire personal functionings are assessed with five questions – two evaluating your subjective opinion on your health and how activity you are, the other three testing you for feelings of autonomy, purpose and worth.

You are healthy and overall feel autonomous, purposeful and able to demonstrate your abilities to others.

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Social Feelings

In this online questionnaire social feelings are assessed with four questions – three assessing your opinion of your community, whilst the last looks at personal relationships.

You have a strong sense of trust and belonging in your community and a happy personal life.

[Average is of all online responses to this survey - not the average for your country]

Social Functionings

In this online questionnaire social functionings are assessed with four questions – two assessing your job / studies, one your free time, and one your community participation. If you did not respond to the work / study questions, your score is judged purely on the other two aspects.

Your job / course is not really allowing you to function socially in the way that you wish. Either it is very dull and unrewarding, or it is very stressful, leaving you little time to do the things you enjoy - or a bit of both! Are they any ways you could make it a little better for you? Alternatively, one way to relieve the boredom of work, can be to find other focuses of interest. Many take up voluntary work to offer them an alternative purpose.

[Average is of all online responses to this survey - not the average for your country]

Tuesday, July 11

world fashion part III

(guys can be real jerks some times)
(life in new york can be _so_ hard)

from the bbc...
Meskerem lives with her mother, her uncle and four siblings in a one-roomed mud shack in the city centre. It’s in a sprawling shanty area just behind the five-star Sheraton Hotel. She charges 1 birr (11 US cents) to clean a pair of shoes. On a good day at the weekend she can earn between 5 to 7 birr.

"When I first started the boys came up to me and told me to go away," she says.

"They told me they would earn less because I was a girl and men would prefer to come to me. The boys threatened me. Sometimes customers and passers-by insult me and make me cry."

"I wake up just before 0700 and go to a food centre. If they have food I have breakfast, if not I just go home. My mother leaves home for work at 0600 and gets back at 0800. I sweep the floor and do other chores until she returns. Then I go to school until 12.30 and come home for lunch. If there’s lunch I eat, if not I go back to school for the afternoon session, which lasts until 1530. Then I go home to collect my shoe shine boxes and work until 1800. Then I sleep."

i wish i could give this girl the three dollars i spend on coffee every day so that those assholes wouldn't make her cry. that would be 6 times as much as she makes now. if i had six times how much i made now i don't even know what i would do.

Monday, July 10

yearning to be free!