Sunday, July 31

blast off!!!!!!

so i got rejected from harpers on friday. they said i was "very close" (4/6 = .66666666) but unfortunately they had chosen 4 people that apparently were more awesome than myself (.3333333 lame!). by "more awesome", i tend to read "went to harvard", which, when i visited, was the school that 3 of 4 of their current interns attended. now, i have to say, i have a bit of a problem with this selection policy. if harpers is so liberal, don't they know that by selecting mainly people that went to harvard they are only maintaining the patriarchal structure that runs most horrible institutions in this country, like for instance, my high school or the government. i mean, isn't it more likely that people that went to harvard have a totally unrealistic and limited perception of the world?

when i was living in cambridge one summer, i did a lot of psychological testing at harvard, and i have to say i wasn't impressed. and cambridge was probably the most homogenous and BORING town i had ever been to (save this amazing gem of taxidermy and formaldehyde). there was one girl that went to harvard from my high school who got in by starting a community service program called ReRead in order to provide homeless people with magazines such as architectural digest, food and wine, and the NEIMAN MARCUS catalogue. really nice for homeless people, right?

so, now, i return to coverletterpolooza. awesome! some nice things have happened recently though, like, look at that new links bar on the side. i did that! and i made some nice clothes.

other news:
  • lockheed announces profit boost of 56% (!!!) wow are we doing a good job.
  • and the world once again remembers that everyone in africa is starving (did anything actually change since i was 6 and my parents told me to eat all my food because i could be one of those starving children in africa?).
i am still reading pastoralia- yesterday i read an especially good story about zombies and was taken back to images from my favortie movie circa 11th grade (pre-LOTR).

please look forward to some harrowing music reviews to make their debut in the next week.
AND, now, you can post comments (!), like the savant who posted on this entry.

Friday, July 29

i don't watch tv anymore, but it can be quite startling to have some memory of an old show thrust into one's brainspace from some offhand comment or accidental internet detour. even one hour spent with 'the hogan family,' in those young years so dear and swift, is one hour too many. there is one thing, however, i do not regret.

Wednesday, July 27

ode to in touch

in place of a more vulgar post that i had planned, after a marked outcry by my compatriate ("liz, that's gross!"), all i have today is a salute to in touch magazine:

it was really fucking hot today. the trauma (=sweat)

my brain is not at its peak, but hopefully this godforsaken heat is nearing its twilight.

in the meantime i will pretend to pick up small insects off the ground and grunt to express feelings of malcontent. i will fax a daily performance evaluation saying nothing crude. alex will say there are no new problems with her partner and rate my performance as VERY GOOD.

Tuesday, July 26

things in herds

"horrible dawn"
see more at her website
ex: moose below sea level
massive horse spying on a western landscape

thing with no ears traverses stormy land

i can't get enough of this shit! she updates her website every once in a while and i remember to look in on it sometimes. i could eat it up with a spoon. these paintings and sketches are what it looks like inside MY head. how wild is that. she lives in England, for chrissakes, so how does she know?!?...... fuck it, i am posting another picture!

"red terriers"

on another note, it's hard to find good friends...

...hold on to the ones you've got.

Monday, July 25

just get it over with, and then we'll be

oh, and this:
i got some advice from a witch doctor
i told her i was down on my luck and

human foot talisman coming my way (flesh or carbon)
where's your magic?

spec. fiction tells us we are all mortal and infantesimally small

To the interviewer in his head, Cummings said he felt the possible rain made the fine bright day even finer and brighter because of the possibility of its loss. The possibility off its ephhemeral loss. the ephemeral loss of the day to the fleeting passages of time. Preening time. Preening nascent time, the blackguard. Time made wastrels of us all, did it not, with its gaunt cheeks and its tombly reverberations and its admonishing glances with bony fingers. Bony fingers pointed as if in admonishment, as if to say, "I admonish you to recall your own eventual nascent death, which, being on its way, human, is forthcoming. Forthcoming, mortal coil, and don't think its ghastly pall won't settle on your furrowed brow, pronto, once i select your fated number from my very dusty book with this selfsame bony finger with which I'm pointing at you now, you vanity of vanities, you luster, you shirker of duties, as you shuffle after your wordly pleasure centers."

WOW i liked this book of short stories -- Pastoralia, by George Saunders -- a lot!

days of hunter

something about the desperate timbre of your voice triggered my kill instinct. you shouted kill, and like the huntress artemis, i felt the spirit awaken in me: "kill! KILL IT!" and the long spearlike scrap of wood came down like a javelin; it was rent asunder from that one first stroke.


asunder we thought. calm came over us like a blanket of winter flurry, but like the storms of a sleepy midwestern town, the end was n'er near. did the legs twitch? another look confirmed that despite par body severage, our hero was still kicking.

perhaps greater measures were to be taken; perhaps greater artilery should be utilized to defeat the monster. but no. we are pure of heart and mind. we will use the technology of our anscestors.

a giant waterbug with a speed unmatched i vanquished it

Sunday, July 24

silent one day a week

how am i to protect my wax-built castles of love from the devouring heat of your fires?

you are fire.
your dress is fire.
which of these two fires can i endure?

go then, selfless heart, and find your place of refuge.

Saturday, July 23


"thinking with me is like looking for a person whose address i don't know. i stand on a street corner all day long waiting for him to pass by. certainly there are more efficient ways of locating a person whose address you don't know. but if you have a whole lifetime to wait and enjoy watching things go by, then waiting on street corners is as good a method as any. if you don't find the person you are looking for, you might meet someone else."
- eric hoffer 1953

Friday, July 22

old news subway shoes and DANCE!

when i think about the news, generally i think back to a part of the movie no such thing, where terrorism dominates everyday life, cities are being sold to major corporations, and the best thing about our existence is the urge to disappear. "then there's always the middle east of course." demolition experts aren't afraid of anything though, right, so maybe i am in the wrong business. rampant terrorism makes me think that the best thing to do would be to disappear into a city, where everyday life was equally passe to the acts of violence that happen in the rest of the world.
but that isn't even how it is in new york. where is all the desolation of a dystopic cityscape?
are the subways dangerous? lets think stats, man. i like to think of my probabilities statistically.
for instance, i have been smoking tobacco for 10 years. i jaywalk. i drive without a seatbelt occasionally. i speed. i drink alot. where's my tab? because the sooner i know, the sooner i am going to secure my life gem. then of course i can recite the ever famous

"i want my money back."

so what's so bad anyway?

they're like reality

this curious creature ---}}
has borne us all
many a night
towards slumber.

i had a dream this morning, part of which was a nightmare. somehow, when i dream about someone(s), it's as if the things that happened between me and whomever when i was asleep effects how i feel about them when i'm awake. is that crazy? or does it mean i can control my own destiny? anyway, i've always had a lot of dreams, and these days it's more about people i know.

flushed down the cosmic tubes...


i think this picture really expresses my feelings

Thursday, July 21

the upper penninsula

i really like the new painting/photographs of kim kleever. i never really liked landscape painting or photography, but apparently i find the conflation of the two ideal. it is hard to tell exactly how she makes her images, but it makes me want to watch the never ending story. i tried to illustrate my urge with the newly aquired photoshop program, but i'm not sure if it expresses exactly what i felt. i DO like the stark whites that are easy to come by. i haven't used photoshop for 4 years, but i think we are about to have a renaissance.
i was going to look for a job today, but i need to come up with a fake job interview costume to go along with my fake resume. unfortunately, a waitress costume was not what was on my mind.

the best outfit for today

alex: white button down shirt, black lightning bolts, woven bracelet, peach with hot pink underbelly, BLUE SKIRT
elizabeth: undecided

yasus yasus kalinikta means hello hello goodnight in greek.
this is how we greet the days to come.

adventure walk through the blog sphere begins:

these colors don't bleed