Tuesday, January 10

the need to travel more seems obvious

i love the bbc because they publish stories with the proper sense of 1st world irony as any powerful country should. i mean, why can't the ny times have interesting international stories that show a little divergence from cnn-style headlines, like the BBC's" indonesians use bank ATM machines to make sacrifices?"

to change the subject, lately i have been listening to
nice old songs and pretending i live in another time/place. (this will help with ideas for designing my house) or check this out.

to change the subject again (lighting quick!), i was discussing whether havana or port-au-prince would be better to visit. if such a visit were to occur, would i be willing to abandon everything and stay there, in dilapidated not-first world ideological splendor, old cars and all? the image of a tin can full of water is reoccuring. good ways to daydream about such places:

watch the five obstructions and think about being the perfect human (btw, ga/stv one of you still has this)
*think about empty containers and what you could put in them that didn't cost very much money
*imagine the beauty of a space you could never entirely clean, think *PATINA*
*think with all your heart, about how wonderful it would be to be outside the united states
*ponder the concept ~~~castro~~~~

i am going to think about all these things when i go to work today (beloved boss had a little too much to drink, so i have to open the store). baby steps to


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