Monday, February 27

gallardo surprise


my dreams = s. california landscape of my childhood + science news

last night i had a dream where i was riding a panther who had horny knobs on its head that i could steer it with. i had to make sure it got to a nature reserve, so that the people in cars wouldn't kill it. we were traveling across all of california to death valley, but it wasn't realistic- it was like i was riding the panther on a parchment map. that was pretty cool. the steering knobs are how i imagine the scientologist energy meter to be! naturalistic-spaceage. the nature reserve looked alot like descanso gardens in la (even though it was supposed to be by death valley), where i went to summer camp for a few years when i was a kid. perhaps a conflation between the nature reserve article i read in national geographic and the picture i put on the blog the other day.

when i lived in cambridge, the only cool thing that happened other than going to the natural history museum was participating in this dream study where i would get woken up in the middle of the night and have to write down my dreams. this was really good because my dreams are normally pretty awesome and it feeds my imagination to remember them. there was a time when i was home for a summer and i slept so much i constructed a vivid dream reality that i actully cared more about than my waking life. it was really awesome, but probably not very healthy.

so maybe i can have a new dream project...

news review:
* the eu has pledged to fill the palestinian donor gap after the dick faced united states refused to maintain funding to the democratically elected hamas government
* featured in today's daily candy (NOT REALLY NEWS!)- maybe i'll get a raise!
* osama likes hugs
* sometimes i feel like the us is like communitst russia- spying, lines, not enough of anything good, etc
* us hates human rights etc.
* scary things lie under brooklyn, i am depressed that the brits are talking about it before i am
* hyperbolic predictions conflating climate change and pandemic disease
* rethinking beavers!

actually, my second dream last night actually related to the beavers article- i was hiding in a sunken submarine and could breathe under water! it was just like the (now extinct) submarine ride at disneyland.

Wednesday, February 22

i'm reading another book!

i have just a couple pages left.
it's called "hard-boiled wonderland and the end of the world," by haruki murakami.


it's about unicorns in this guys head,
and the unicorn's breath in the self-residue of the townspeople in his head,
and then they die and their skulls hold the dreams, and...
well i like it because it's a fanciful deviation from my concerns,
AND has some kind of weird relevance,
based on it's examination of fragmented mind and delusional thinking!



"Your plain fat woman is fine. Fat women are like clouds in the sky. They're just floating there, nothing to do with me. But your young, beautiful fat woman is another story. I am demanded to assume a posture towards her. I could end up sleeping with her. That is probably where all the confusion comes in...
Sex is an extremely subtle undertaking, unlike going to the department store on Sunday to buy a thermos. Even among young, beautiful, fat women, there are destinctions to be made. Fleshed out in one way, they'll lead you in the right direction; fleshed out another way, they'll leave you lost, trivial, confused.
In this sense, sleeping with fat women can be a challenge. There must be as many paths of human fat as there are ways of human death."


i have only a few pages left. more excerpts to come.

recap log three

there was also a snow storm that happened

Winter Wonderland
it was fun!

i didn't have to work!

more recap pt 2

so to further illustrate why i haven't blogged forever, i figured i could fill in the blanks with some pictures of what i was up to:

@ above you will find the loveliest cake i have ever had for my birthday: you really must try some! my brother and sarah got it for me and it was so good, it was kind of like having a religious experience. if you don't live in nyc, they'll ship it overnight garunteed perfect!
so, recently, yes, i have been discovering sweet things i like (previously unheard of). it must have something to do with my now older taste buds! another example of this trend is that i like cookies- double chocolate chocolate chip cookies from the city bakery. please be notified of the secret covert outpost on 1st and 13th!

@@ this next picture is a picture of me wasted and scribbling intently on a drawing at a karoke bar. it is representative of the fact that i have been going out way too much to be productive (syptomatic of too much working!!!). thank god my brother is watching out and documenting such poignent moments of squalor- good for reevaluating what i am doing with my time!

@@@ i am still thinking of the best places to live- with the rate at which greenland's ice sheet is melting my favorite choice of amsterdam might not work out. islands are appealing to me right now, despite their risky sea level nature.

democracy by assasination

so, beginning here, feb 22, i can start to talk about things i meant to talk about weeks ago, but was too distracted to do.

i have been reading this really good book from sv about muslim and christian-rejecting corsairs ("pirates") in the 14th to 17th centuries. alex says that pirates are "fashionable", but if you know anything about the history of islam/muslim world and/or the pre-germany history of europe, the interesting things about this period are not just relating to dumb old pirate shit.

i lived in hungary for a while and worked in the national museum, and from this i learned alot of awesome european history of that highschool had never scratched surface. hungarians, like most of europe, have long standing feuds with the muslims- most of hungary was under ottoman rule for 200 years only to be regained under the hapsburg empire in 1849- not that long ago!

i think its amazing how historically alienated from islam the west is, becuase the history is so recent. the history of the migration of islam as a religion as well as the migration of the people carrying the religion is totally relevent today, a fact that gets dampered by the blanket of the west's perception of a two dimentional islam. a really interesting facet of the spead of islam is that of janissaries, where kidnapped/enslaved children were raised as an army for the sultan, and therefore became the very fortification of islam itself. the case of the janissary army is one of the first examples of social mobility in history, where one could move through the ranks of the army and therefore gain power and perstiege without consideration of class or ethnic origins.

anyway, back to the corsair book, a main point addresses the fact that becuase of the flexible and fluid nature of the muslim power structure, converts were generally more free to live as they please than europeans, hence the high number of renegadoes (christian converts). these corsairs were free thinkers who followed and established their own rule- the book beautifully terms as "democracy by assasination".

erected to block scrolling led messages atop the us embassy, cuba

establishing one's own law due to the disparate measures of power in place does not seem so far from contemporary- the current western empires are at odds with thier individual inhabitants (like me!) with little or no agency. perhaps there will be a new rise of pirates after the world free market collapse of 2012. taking free leave of countries/corporations/religions/powers et al can be adventurous without the abandonment of responsibility. castro might be considered a modern day corsair.

written apology

i am sorry for not blogging for a very very long time. the blog is dead, but i will revive. i will re-capitulate the past 3.5 weeks for myself and readership with bright flashing colors and pomp and flair.

today i got a postcard from harpers advertising a "town hall meeting" about the "case for impeachment" i hate to be bitter and/or cynical and/or hypersensetive, but i had to write them an email about it:

subject: why are you charging for a town hall "public" forum?
if people feel passionately enough about impeachment, they should talk without needing compensation
if people feel passionately about impeachment, they shouldn't need to pay for a space to talk about it, becuase of its imperative nature
talks about impeachment should not be treated as though they are an exhibition in a museum (see postcard)
a public forum should not be guarded by any apparatus of class (i.e. admission fee- "everybody has ten dollars...")
if ticketmaster is selling the talks about the impeachment, we may be sure that there will be none"

i guess in the united states you have to buy a town hall forum just like anything else.

Monday, February 20


LIZ.Z.Z.Z.Z.Z.Z... hey! why aren't you updating? you're the one with the fancy computer! what do you use it for, anyway, checking the weather every half hour? ordering and reordering your rainbow coalition iTunes playlists? photoshopping my head on to EACH AND EVERY ONE of the monsters from 'Where the WIld Thing Are' ???!?!? this machine i'm on won't even let me pick a font color. get with it!!!!!!!

Tuesday, February 14

vappy halentine's day!

my favorite. every one probly knows about it, but if not:

Friday, February 3

***szuletesnap liszt***

today is my birthday!
things i want for my birthday:

@ unlimited travel voucher for the year of 2006 on non-american airline
@ my own personal yacht and/or houseboat
@ tutors in these subjects: technology and computers, jewelry making, sculpture, house building, gourmet cooking esp. baking, harp and/or piano, world culture, textile and fiber making
@ chameleon and/or kakapo
@ eu citizenship
@ piece of undeveloped land at least 3 acres pref. in wooded area
@ hyper teleport terminal between my sister's house and nyc
@ company selling my decorative services
@ dictatorship in country and/or territory of my choice
@ some new jeans
@ replacement for my reeboc sneakers

Thursday, February 2

blow blow blow your house down!

so much bad news in such few days! i might have to take the cyanide capsule that i have been carrying in my pocket for the past 7 years.

first blow:
alito in supreme court

second wind:
congress approves budget cuts to welfare and student loans programs

blowing shingles off the roof:
new orleans the first of a wave of extinction?

blowing is unnoticable because of prolonged intensity:
it's unfortunate there are no tourists in pakistan

fear of disease gaining management of my higher mental functions